Gossamer Wings

In summer of 2020 my art proposal was selected for the Arts-a-Glow festival in Burien, Washington.

Finished Installation

Artist Statement:

Title: Growing Gossamer Wings

Growing Gossamer Wings is a 5 foot by 5 foot by 21 inch hanging flower form. It’s made from reed, wire, mesh, dried flowers, pine cones, lichens, moss, beads, and glue. It is a magical flower that grows magical gossamer wings. These wings are used by such creatures as butterflies, dragonflies and, of course, fairies. Flowers like this one grow these wings that are then harvested at the end of the season, then they are dried and painted in a long and secretive process that is passed down through generations. Then, when the wings are finally ready they are given, in ceremonious fashion, to the creature that will use them to take flight. There is a whole industry that we humans know very little about, where farmers grow gossamer wings on flowers just like this one. Sometimes, when you notice a glint of sunlight shinning through the forest trees and that light catches your eye, that is probably a farmer tending to their gossamer flowers, way up in the trees. They are growing wings for the next generation of magical creatures to take flight.

Project Details

This project started with reed that was woven into a cone shaped basket. The ends were turned into flower petals and mesh was added over each petal form. The center was finished with natural found objects.

Front of the Gossamer Wing Flower
Back of the Gossamer Wing Flower

Center Details of the Gossamer Wing Flower
Side Front Details of the Gossamer Wing Flower

The centered dried flowers are peonies. Beads and wires add interest and detail.