Storefront Installation

In March 2019 my art proposal was selected for a a store window display in downtown Renton, Washington.

Finished Installation

Artist Statement:

Store Front Display Title:  Strength and Grounding

My art explores the strength, connection, and resilience of the human spirit.  My portraits blur ethnic and genders lines, hinting at cultural connections, human emotion, and a sense of being that is often seen as meditative and grounded.  We are all reliant on each other and on the natural environment for our very survival.  Human nature and caring for ourselves, each other and the world are integral to our very existence.

Art is the voice of the artist culminating in their life experience and world perspective at the moment and time the art is created.  My influences come from my early life growing up in the woods of Maine, my interest in common experiences that represent human existence, and my witness to globalization and current affairs.  We are human, fallible and yet intertwined.  Let’s not forget how interwoven we are or how important it is to care for ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Project Details

Scouting the space.

Empty Window, No Background wall, 10 feet tall, 27 feet wide.

Creating a ridged background.

Laying out the tree template.

There was no wall in the installation space. The trees had to be free-standing. They had to be braced and sturdy enough to not only hold their own weight but to hold the weight of the prints too.

Tree bones.

Assembling three trees.

Design board.

Color, texture and layout testing.

Bark details. After many, many different materials I landed on painted aluminum foil for covering the tree. It gave the trees a shimmering quality and added textural interest.

Painting the aluminum foil.

Color mixing. I wanted a warm yellow-orange color.

Red, orange and yellow combined made the color I was looking for.

I then needed to cover 12 – ten foot sections of heavy-duty paper for the background wall.

Other design elements included handmade flowers with hand folded leaves that were wired onto the branches, and prints that were stapled to canvas boards.

Then, the day of installation came….

Adding trunk bark on site.
First day of installation


Finished installation!

Thank You

I would like to thank Shunpike and the city of Renton for the opportunity to install and display Strength and Grounding. It was a real pleasure to work with all of you! Thanks again!