Storefront Murals

In Summer of 2020 I painted four storefront murals for three buildings, two in Renton, WA and one in Tacoma, WA. They added color and a small amount of cheer to windows that were already boarded up.

Flower Mural – 8 foot square
Line Mural – 8 foot square
700 S 3rd Street, Renton, WA
Bus stop at 700 S 3rd Street, Renton, WA

The second mural.

Floral Medley – 4 foot by 28 foot long
Floral Medley – left to right view
Floral Medley – Berliner Pub storefront, Renton, WA
Floral Medley – installation success!

The third mural.

Sunshine Mural – 4 foot by 24 foot long
Sunshine Mural – left to right view

Sunshine Mural – Berliner Beerhall, Tacoma, WA
Successful installation!