An Audio Recording of the Blog Post – Suspense – By Becca Heavrin

The garden is now completely filled, planted, and ready to grow. Every square inch has been taken up with a cast of characters, as diverse and unique as a Cirque du Soleil show. The stage is set, the music cued, and everything is ready to go.

Planted and Ready to Grow

Now, I wait with breathless anticipation for the entertainment to begin. My heart filled with excitement as my eyes survey every detail, afraid to blink taking it all in. I am sitting up straight in my front row seat, leaning forward with a huge grin.

I am the playwright, the set designer, talent scout, director, and more. My mind is filled with the history of culture, and this modern production, built from the classics that came before. And here we are, what a great show we have in store.

It’s one of those moments when I stop and look back and I’m so proud. The hard work has been done, the building, the practicing, the preparing and now comes the crowd. “Come look at my garden,” I want to say, “gather around, you are sure to be wowed!”

But, wait, actually, not quite yet, hang in there still. There is a lot more growing to happen before it comes to know it’s full will. Right now, it’s just a bunch of dirt and some small, tiny leaves growing up through the till.

So, stay tuned and prepare for the festival to commence. The sun will be warming, the plants will be growing in a summer that is sure to be intense. But for now, you and I will just have to stay in suspense.

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